Friday, July 27, 2007

some memes

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some good news

I've been pretty down lately, feeling like I don't have real plans for the fall and that nothing is going to come through. Today, especially, it was a real struggle to keep myself afloat.

I have to admit -- though it will make me sound a tad foolish -- that this is partly due to a mild depression over the end of the Harry Potter series. I always get slightly depressed from reading a really good book -- it's my test for what makes a book "great" -- and this one was a little worse because it's the end of a whole series. No more Harry. Well, not new Harry, anyway.

Also, I've had a hard time sleeping lately. I'm not sure how much of that is from staying up late at night to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, how much is due to the stress of filling out applications, and how much is just plain insomnia. But it doesn't help my mood during the day, I'll just say that.

I really hate all of my viable options for the fall. Every one of them involves living with someone -- sponging off them, basically -- and I really hate that. I've had a good time in Kansas with Margo, but it stresses me, too, to know that I'm mooching off her and her family. But the plain fact is that I'm going to have to live with someone else for a while. I'm in no financial position to be finding my own place right off the bat. So I'm coming to terms with that.

But there are glimmers of light among all this darkness.

First, I got my hair cut today. Margo's cousin has a cosmetology license, and she cut it for a very reasonable price. I'd heard rave reviews about her work -- although admittedly all from her family -- so I was looking forward to having it done well. And so far, I'm very happy with it. Margo tried to convince me to chop it off, but I just got it trimmed, so it's still pretty long.

Second, I finished two of my applications today. Well, mostly at least -- I still have to get letters of reference and transcripts in for one place. But the other application (which only required a cover letter and CV) is completely done. I'm planning to mail it tomorrow. On Monday I'm going to call up to ... the first place ... and ask whether it's OK with them to have references and transcripts sent directly to the department.

So, all is not lost. I will go on, and I will enjoy life, and somehow things will work out. And tomorrow I'm going on a temple trip with the local branch, and I plan to have a good, long talk with Heavenly Father about all my options and frustrations -- and that will make things better, whether in one way or another.

Optimism is always harder than pessimism. (Not a direct quote, but it's a philosophy espoused by ... 25 points)

Monday, July 23, 2007

just finished ...

I have now finished reading the account of Harry Potter's epic life.

And that's all I have to say about that. For now.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

my how time flies!

So here we all are ... in JULY!

And not just July, but nearly the end of July. Crazy!

I have to apologize for not updating much this summer. I have no decent excuse. I'm just a bum.

For a few weeks I was working at a temp job in Wichita. I've had the last week and a half off, and I've been busy, busy working on applications for part-time teaching positions for the fall. I'll be sure and let you all know when I get a job and where it is. Meanwhile, I've been set apart as a Gospel Doctrine Sunday School teacher in the local YSA branch here. That's been fun.

More importantly, however -- the final Harry Potter book comes out this weekend! The closer it gets, the more excited I find myself. There are several businesses and libraries out here counting down the days -- some on their outdoor marquees -- and whenever I go past one and realize how little time is left, it gives me a little thrill. (I know ... it's the small things.) I'm taking quite a chance with this one, not having reserved a copy anywhere. I find I don't appreciate all the hoop-la at places like Barnes & Noble, and when Half-Blood Prince came out in 2005, I learned that virtually no one gets their Harry Potter books at Wal-Mart in the middle of the night, so that's what I've been banking on.

Last night I actually dreamt about getting my copy of Deathly Hallows. Margo and I went to Wal-Mart -- only after welcoming her friend to the area, who's visiting for the weekend -- and as we drove home from her aunt's house, I made her stop at the closest possible Wal-Mart so that I could start reading in the car. When we got into Wal-Mart, I easily picked up my copy (I was careful to get one that hadn't been too badly damaged in the rush to get it out at exactly 12:01 am), but there was a vague sense of foreboding afterward. I woke up right after that, so I'm not sure what kind of foreboding it was, or what it might have betokened. I hope it's nothing too harmful.