Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It's already setting in. Yup, it's been two weeks of school, and I don't know how I'll make it through. Things seem to be falling apart in our Relief Society right now, and that's keeping me worrying a lot. And then I'm trying to do about five different research projects at once right now. Today and tomorrow I really need to work on a couple of submissions for a conference I'd like to go to in Glasgow this summer (the submissions are due on Feb 1). And I'm still working on my application for Lancaster Uni -- I'll keep you all posted about how that goes.

The last two weeks, we've had three candidates here for a professor-ship we are trying to fill for Rhetoric and Composition in the English Department, so like a good graduate student I've been going to their job talks and stuff. It's been very instructive, and I even got to offer my opinion on the candidates yesterday. This morning the final candidate is giving a composition workshop to the Teaching Fellows, so I'm planning to go to that as well, and looking forward to it. She seemed pretty sharp when I watched her job talk yesterday, and I can always use new ideas for teaching composition.

She's touring the facility and picking up slack. (11 points)

Oh yeah ... the last quote was from the song "Hysteria" by Muse.

Friday, January 12, 2007

more changes

As you can probably see, I've changed my blog ... again. I couldn't help it -- I updated to the new Blogger, and one of their new features allows you to customize the layout and design of your page, so I had to fiddle with it. Unfortunately, I accidentally lost the points from the old Scoreboard. But I figured that since it's a new blog, a new year, a new school semester, I may as well go ahead and start a new scoreboard. So there you have it. I'm also excited about the RSS feed from Pandora. I can't remember whether or not I've already linked to Pandora before, but it's a great streaming radio website, where you enter your favorite artist(s) and/or song(s) and it plays similar stuff. Lots of fun. Check it out. I also expect to change the address of my blog sometime very soon, so that it will be on my website (which is frankly boring right now ... partly due to the fact that the recent hard drive transplant made me lose my old FTP program and I don't have the disks to restore it, so I'm trying to find a new FTP program -- any suggestions would be welcome). That change shouldn't affect most of you very much, though, as the new Blogger automatically redirects to the new address. But I'll let you know when I finally get that worked out.

Since no one has guessed it yet, I will let the old quote stand for now:
I'm not breaking down, I'm breaking out. (83 points)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

just to let you know ...

I am having real trouble these days getting internet access. First off, my brother helped me choose a new hard drive for my computer (120 GB, upgraded from 40 GB), and then installed it for me. That has meant, though, that most of my cookies, personal settings, and some other stuff is out of whack for right now. And that means that Gmail has been difficult for the last week or so. It seems to be better now, though.

In addition to that, I have no internet access at my apartment yet -- right now I'm sitting in my car on Fry Street picking up some company's wireless signal while listening to Muse (of course). I'm hoping to have that situation remedied by the end of the week at the latest.

Christmas was great fun. I got some great stuff that I really wanted, and a few things that I didn't particular want but am thrilled to have (like an emergency lantern that you wind up, so that you don't have to rummage around in the dark finding batteries, candles, matches, etc -- thanks, Mom!). We also had a really fun time with New Year's Eve/my birthday. My sister had planned a big party, and everyone was there for it except my oldest niece (who, however, was there for Christmas). We even got Dad to play some games with us, which was fun (and rather funny) -- and my brother and sister beat him at Trivial Pursuit! That hasn't happened in a long time, now.

I'm moved into my new apartment down here in Denton, with two new roommates. I'm excited about it, although I sorely miss Erin and Margo. But we're working on Master Plans to try and get us back living together again before long.

I think that's all of the most important stuff now. I have to go finish settling into my apartment today -- taking out trash, breaking down boxes, and tightening up my bed frame so the boards underneath it don't fall out at night anymore.

I'm not breaking down, I'm breaking out. (83 points)

The last quote was from the Armor for Sleep song "The Truth about Heaven" -- thanks, Erin, for introducing me to it!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

my newest love

So I've decided I'm in love with the band Muse (thanks again to Stephenie Meyer). And I have to admit that one of the reasons I fell in love with them, besides they're amazing music, is because the lead singer, Matt Bellamy, is gorgeous. I mean, seriously. And, it's so fun to watch him playing his guitar and singing. So ... here's a little quiz I found on Quizilla today. They sure got my answer correct -- I DO like Matt looking his cutest.

which matt bellamy pic are you?

cute mattyou like matt looking his cutest
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Congrats to Erin for the last quote, which was from Linkin Park's "By Myself". (I can't remember whether or not I already added Erin's points, but I'm adding them again, in any case.)
Don't believe that the weather is perfect the day that you die. (81 points)