Thursday, September 27, 2007

good news

the good news first
The internet is working again! We finally got the phone service switched back, so that we are now able to use both the internet and the phones at the same time. Life is very, very happy again!

ramblin muse
I also recently took the plunge and registered at, so that I'm able to (a) post on the discussion board (assuming I ever want to) and (b) edit my own content. It's really a pretty cool site, and I'm not just saying that because I happen to adore Muse. There is a media player embedded in the bottom right-hand corner, where you can listen to music and watch videos -- and it's the whole song, not just a 30- or 60-second clip like most artists give you. When you register you can also edit your own playlist, so that it plays exactly what music and videos you want, and it allows you to use any and every song from all of their five main albums, as well as every official music video they've done and even a couple of live gigs.

Didn't mean to go on about that so much. I promise I'll find a new interest soon so that I have more to talk about than just Muse. In the meantime, thanks for your patience!

back to the good news
So, to reiterate: the internet at our house is working once again. That means that you are sure to see more regular posts on my blog. Yay! And more points for all! And I don't have to stay up late to use the internet anymore (so that I can disconnect the phones when we don't expect to need them). And I can listen to podcasts regularly. And ... the list of goodness goes on and on!
Man 1: Well, throw him out in the street.

Man 2: Wait, wait! [name] is my best friend. We can't just throw him out like Grandma's ashes!

(38 points, plus 5 for each character you can name in that exchange)


Nicholas Mathery said...

Yay! Internet! One of modern life's "necessities." And, Yay! More blogs from you! When I read your blog it made me laugh, because it reminded me that not all that long ago that was how everyone used the internet; we all had dial-up and we could only use the internet if no one was using the phone or vice versa. I remember getting yelled at several times because I was on the internet when someone in my family needed to make a call.

elliespen said...

Hooray for working internet! And for Muse! And for blog posts!

That exchange sounds like (but probably isn't) Shaun of the Dead. If that were the case I would put Man 2 as Shaun and [name] as Ed and Man 1 as the uptight flatmate.

gryffinkat said...

Whew! It's a relief to know that people are still reading my blog. It's been so long since I've had any comments, I was beginning to wonder ...

Sorry, Elliespen, the exchange was not from Shaun of the Dead. No points for you! (Read in Soup Nazi voice, of course.)

Anonymous said...

Shaun of the Dead is freaking awesome though. I have no idea on the quote this week. SIGH!

Of course we are still reading!


gryffinkat said...

I know you all read still -- it just starts to make me a little paranoid when I'm not getting comments on anything.

However, after an email from Nicholas Mathery, I'm starting to wonder whether there's a problem with the comments notification feature on Blogger, and maybe I'm not getting all of them.

Thanks for your faithful reading, friends! I know you're out there, even when I can't see you. :)